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EveryLevel™ Transformation Accelerator

EveryLevel™ Transformation Accelerator

Step 1: Establish a Coaching Plan

Most of our clients have chosen our “Blended Coaching” Option. Each month, your leaders will participate in one group session together and one individual coaching session. 

Group Coaching – Your leaders meet together with one of our experienced group coaches for one hour per month. These sessions are topic-driven. Group coaching increases collaboration and accountability among your leaders. 

Individual Coaching – Each of your leaders will be assigned a personal leadership coach. These are designed to be a confidential space for your leaders to unpack challenges and evaluate priorites. Some common topics include:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Goals and expectations
  • Developing others

Step Two: Establish Your Culture Brand

One of our executive coaches will lead your team through the Culture Brand and EveryLevel Ownership workshops. Each one is about 4 hours and can be done in one on-site visit or two half-day interactions. 

Step Three: Cascading to EveryLevel

Once the top-level leaders have begun to understand and implement the culture among themselves, we can add an additional layer of leaders to promote a culture transformation cascade to EveryLevel™ of the organization. This transition raises the accountability of both top-level and mid-level leadership toward the desired culture. 

Invite us to be part of your team!

We want you to succeed. As a business owner, you need a team that you can trust with your business. We pledge to come alongside you and multiply your voice and cultural influence into the organization. Our goal is to develop your team into trusted leaders that handle greater than 90% of the problems they face before they call you. We want you to have more time to work ON your business rather than working IN your business. 

What happens if I invest in my leaders and some of them leave?

Your best leaders may leave. We believe that it is still a risk worth taking. When you invest in your leaders, you get more out of them. Investing in them now means getting more return from them. It should also mean that they are developing other leaders around them. We focus on developing leaders at EveryLevel™ of your organization. This not only means developing the organizational levels but also developing a leader’s individual level.

Is virtual coaching as good at on-site coaching?

Our clients have commented that phone and video conference coaching can actually provide greater focus to the conversation. It can help eliminate environmental distractions and removes some scheduling challenges. However, we are available for on-site and virtual solutions. This package contains an initial on-site visit with options for on-site or virtual follow-up sessions.

How do you measure results?

While measuring results in learning and development is difficult, the initial assessment provides an objective team health metric that can be re-assessed at the end of the term. Close communication with the owner and participants also provides objective feedback data. Teams often see an overall increase in employee retention once the cultural transformation matures.

Can you work with teams who have more limited budgets?

We believe that our pricing is very competitive for the coaching market. We also like to be creative and look for ways to customize for you. One solution would be to spread this process out longer and reduce your monthly cost. Another solution could be, begin some of the elements first and still move your team forward. This package is intended to be comprehensive. We work with several teams that have chosen this package and others who have elected to start more modestly at this phase of their growth. We can talk through the various options with you and find the plan that fits your current need.

David Sykora, owner-operator of Chick-fil-A Baylor in Waco, TX

Reflecting on the long-term engagement their leadership team had with LeadersQ, he wrote:

“LeadersQ has helped us move our organization to the next level.”

“LeadersQ has helped bridge the gap between our senior leadership‘s hesitancy to communicate concerns with operations and/or the operator. Providing an opportunity for coaching the operator on how to make adjustments and better develop them to lead the team. The process has also provided a fresh perspective in which we can understand how we are wired individually so that we can perform collectively.”

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