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Great leaders ask great questions. Use this question to push your leaders to recognize obstacles that are standing in the way of your team’s progress. When you ask this question, provide reassurance that your leaders are safe to be direct and honest. Invite true introspection. The way you respond has the potential of impacting the level of trust your leaders have with you. Once they give an answer, receive it and discover the “why” behind their answer. This second level of questions will likely prove to be the most fruitful for you. Take this as an opportunity to learn more about how your leaders see the organization.

Go Deeper

Danette High’s article, “Cultivating a Truth Culture,” discusses the topic of inviting criticism and some insights from the book Radical Candor.

Dr. Jay Raines has a love for people development and creativity. These passions inspired him to launch LeadersQ in 2017 at the encouragement of other business leaders. Previously, Jay co-founded a leadership development company in Bangalore, India and led that organization. Jay approaches professional coaching with his clients from a holistic perspective to help them reflect on productivity, relationships and achieving desired results. 

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LeadersQ has proven tools and experience in identifying areas of distrust on teams. Our assessment, training, and regular coaching will help you overcome negative team behaviors and achieve greater effectiveness. Meet with a team of our coaches for an initial free consultation to learn more about how we can help your team today. Take control of team behavior and become a high-performance team.

“This training helped me to learn the value of other personality types and will hopefully help me to help others grow in their area. I feel like I know my team members’ strengths now and can try to help them allow those strengths to work together. I feel that I have learned skills that will be important in my leadership growth.” – Bentonville, AR

“You know that moment when you’ve got a great group of talented and skilled employees that could be the Dream Team, but they can’t seem to get things done? That is the moment when you need LeadersQ. They will take your group of people, develop them, and give them practical steps and solutions to become the High-Performance Team that will get you RESULTS! “– Pell City, AL

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